A letter or email to the parole board can be as short or as long as you chose to make it. Please remember to include the inmate's name and prisoner I.D. number.

All letters and emails sent to Parole Boards MUST BE MARKED CONFIDENTIAL!!!
Use ONLY your FIRST INITIAL and LAST NAME when signing!!!



Parole Board Member's Name(s):

This letter (or email) regards inmate____________, Prisoner I.D. Number___________ who has an upcoming parole review in (Month,Year).

I strongly object to the (parole, probation, release) of this inmate. The crime was a crime of violence. The act of (murder, rape, kidnapping, etc.) is horrible and should preclude any consideration for parole, probation or release.

A 1991 BJS study of convicted felons on parole and probation found 45% of them went out and committed an additional 13,200 homicides. Nationally, recidivism rates are 62% within three years when released on parole.

Please do not parole or release (inmate's name, inmate's I.D. #).

Thank you for your time.


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