This letter was sent to the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
by one of Gary Reece's former cellmates in 1991.

In 1991, NO ONE, NOT EVEN THE OHIO PAROLE BOARD, was aware of most of this information. This letter alerted me, his victim, to his upcoming parole plans, which victims are NOT usually given, and allowed me to start another successful campaign to deny him parole.

Spelling and grammar are from the original:

Rape Crisis Center Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44904

May 3rd, 1991

[re: Gary Reece, Madison Correctional Institution, # R 111-504]

To whom it may concern,

I would like to report something that should be know to the woman who was brutal attakced, and raped, and lefted for dead; by Gary B. Reece. Gary is going to receive a inter-state compact deal from the state of Minnosota, through the Ohio Adult Parole Authority, in the coming month.

Because of out cry from the victim, Gary lost his parole in 1989; and because of Garys' attorney and friends, that will expect him in Minnosota, and not wanting another coverage, in the prss, on the matter of what he did, to that poor woman. Chairman Ray E. Capots, is going to pass the buck so to speak to another state, and let justice prevail. Gary still states, that he didn't do the crime to this woman and that he'll get even.

I really believe he'll find someone to do her in, after the deal is over with. All he ever talks about is how he hate women and how they can say anything and then have people convicted on charges they don't have any proof of.

He's been using this woman named Vicky, he calls his girlfriend, that lives in Minnosota, and that, when he's released, he'll get her for not paying for the attorney sooner than she had. I can't believe that the victim, will not be safe after this denying monster is released.

He feels, that because he's did eleven years, that he should be free, he's not even told anyone that he was sorry for what he did, nor try to explain why it happend. I do know, that all the years, that he's served hasn't did anything but make him worst than before he was caught, just think of all the other crimes he's committed against people and didn't get sentenced for them.

Your center must put a stop to the madning things that will take place.

This woman is from the Cleveland area, and she should have the right to know what's about to happend, and warn the women in Ohio and Minnosota.


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