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The National A.M.B.E.R Alert System:
America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response

"Throw Away The Keys" started out as a loving tribute in memory of Jeremy Peter Flachbart by his parents, Gail and Dennis. This tribute to one of the many victims of senseless and violent murders that occur in the United States each year, has blossomed into a site with a wealth of information for all victims and survivors of violent crime.

Texans For Equal Justice

Our vision is equal justice for Texas crime victims. Our mission is to assist and empower crime victims through advocacy; information; outreach and education.

Crime Victims Support Assn. Inc.of Austrailia

Crime Victims Support of Austrailia will come back to focus on these most horrible crimes of murder, culpable driving and all crimes of violence.
"To make Justice a Right Not a Privilege"

If you've seen any of these fugitives,
Please contact your local law enforcement agency
or call 1-800-CRIME TV.

Victim Assistance Online is an information, research and networking resource
for victim assistance specialists, professionals in related disciplines
and all interested in the field of victimology.

This is a compendium of sites all over the Internet
where assistance is being sought in solving crimes or locating fugitives.


APBnews.com's mission, "To Inform and Serve," is based on the belief that the criminal justice system belongs to the citizens, and that by informing them about the system, we are also empowering them to improve it. APBnews.com is committed to providing the news, information and data necessary to make you, your family and your community safer. You have the right to know.


www.PetitionOnline.com provides free online hosting of public petitions
for responsible public advocacy.


If you want to find out who represents you in Congress, enter your nine digit zip code. If you don't know your nine digit zip code (who does?), use the US Post Office's Zip4 lookup. It's fast - only takes about five seconds. I promise it won't hurt a bit. If you already know who represents you, select them by name or state at our Congressional Directory.

National Victims' Constitutional Amendment Network

NVCAN is a 501(c)(3) organization supporting the adoption of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution recognizing the fundamental rights of crime victims to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect by the criminal justice system.

Justice For All

"Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime feel as indignant as those who are."

-- King Solomon


POMC® provides the ongoing emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate the reconstruction of a "new life" and to promote a healthy resolution. Not only does POMC help survivors deal with their acute grief, but with the criminal justice system as well.

Mother's Against Drunk Driving

MADD is more than just moms we're real people dads, young people, and other concerned individuals who want to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime, and prevent underage drinking.

Corrections Connection

Corrections.com Mission
"Inform, Educate and Assist"

Crime Victims for a Just Society

Our goal is to help individuals, families, organizations, and neighborhoods explore creative new solutions to the range of crime problems in our communities.

Crime Victims Beureau

"Protecting the rights of victims through positive actions"
The Doris Tate Crime Victims Bureau

US Parole Comm.

The mission of the United States Parole Commission is to ensure public safety by exercising its authority regarding the release and supervision of criminal offenders under its jurisdiction in a way that promotes justice. The Commission considers information from a variety of sources, to include (though not limited to) the pre-sentence report, the victim of the offense, the sentencing judge, the prosecutor, prison officials, as well as the offender.

Justice For Murder Victims

Our purpose is to respond to the needs of victims and their families by working within the system to ensure that current law is enforced and to promote new legislation that will bring added protection to everyone.


NCADV is dedicated to the empowerment of battered women and their children and therefore is committed to the elimination of personal and societal violence in the lives of battered women and their children.

National Coalition of Homicide Survivors

At this site you will find links to nationwide victim service agencies, support hotlines, court case updates and much more.

Civil Rights.Org

Through education, advocacy and links to thousands of other organizations working to promote equal opportunity, CivilRights.org aims to serve as a central repository and trusted intermediary for information on a variety of civil and human rights issues.


This resource will, unfortunately, be an ever-growing memorial to the many innocent victims of violent crime and a source for murder statistics, news items, discussion and information.

Citizens Against Homicide

We have joined together to create a voice for
the survivors and friends of murder victims.

Essential, No Cost Information for Victims and Victim Service Providers,
FYI Bulletins
Safety Strategies
Toll Free Help Line
Service Provider Resources


The National Organization for Victim Assistance is a private, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization of victim and witness assistance programs and practitioners, criminal justice agencies and professionals, mental health professionals, researchers, former victims and survivors, and others committed to the recognition and implementation of victim rights and services.

www.AMW.com America's Most WANTED

Please Visit this most important site. You could change someones life.

Your Congress.com

This banner speaks for itself!
Go For It!

Our goal is to provide a way for every person who visits
this site to help. It only takes a few minutes each month. How, you ask?
Violent criminals rarely serve their full sentence. They get paroled,
re-enter society only to commit more violent crimes.


Welcome to Talk Justice,
an exciting new forum for the discussion of Crime and Justice Issues!

We Are Survivors

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